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Do you want to know a secret? Norman Rockwell battled depression his whole life. According to his longtime shrink Erik Erikson, the iconic American painter most famous for his folksylicious portraits of the happy American family- painted his happiness, but did not live it.

Freedom from Want, Norman Rockwell, 1943 Freedom from Want, Norman Rockwell, 1943

From 1916 through the 60’s, Rockwell cranked out 323 cheer-worthy covers for the popular Saturday Evening Post. Much of his fabled brand of domestic bliss set the bar insanely high for our flailing families, and I’ll wager it helped to feed the beast of social pretense, Hollywood escapism and closeted misery that is all-the-rage in home decor today. The need to keep up with the Rockwells chews at the soul of a family. Failure to keep up is admitting inferiority, defeat. Revealing who we really are is scary.

I can see you I can see you

In the suburban 1970’s, at faithful department…

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